Uber Eats Impact on Parking – City of Hobart Response UPDATE

September 20, 2018

City of Hobart General Manager Nick Heath has sent a letter to the NHT outlining the actions that the Council are now implementing regarding the Uber Eats issue – please read it here City of Hobart Correspondence — Uber Eats Parking Zone — John Kelly


On the 18th of September the City of Hobart distributed a letter to all North Hobart businesses in response to the issue raised by our association of the impact of Uber Eats drivers on parking resources in the strip. Read the letter below, and head to our Traders Forum to add your feedback.



The City of Hobart is aware of increased activity from a number of mobile-app based food delivery services in and around the city.

Council has initially taken steps to increase monitoring and vehicle surveys in North Hobart in order to identify an amicable solution for all stakeholders including those business owners that use and those that don’t use such services, the delivery drivers, and other precinct customers.

Within the scope of Councils responsibilities a number of other options are being implemented including:

  • increased patrols during peak periods (between 6.00pm – 9.00pm);
  • review of parking times to reflect peak night-economy usage;
  • installation of vehicle detection sensors for remote monitoring;
  • traffic management communication with Tasmania Police; and
  • creation of a dedicated layover zone in Condell Place for the delivery drivers

The City of Hobart has also written to other interstate Councils and the mobile service providers in relation to concerns raised by the community, and will be following up with further correspondence.

Whilst we seek to accelerate the implementation of some of these measures, other sustainable solutions will require additional time and consultation to implement.

During this period we will remain in contact with and consult the North Hobart Traders Association.

We ask for your patience during this period and welcome your ongoing feedback.


(ND Heath)


Uber Eats Letter


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