November 23, 2017

Tucked down Federal Street, bending away from the buzz of Elizabeth Street, stands a sandstone house. And in that house, is a place where numbers and letters come to life. 
After their school day, children of all ages visit the North Hobart Kumon Centre to meet with Instructor Carmel Davies. During these afternoons, Carmel guides her students through numeracy and literacy programmes that are designed to help children develop important self-learning skills along the way. 
In the Kumon classroom, students range from preschool to high school, and while they share one room, all students follow a study plan that is totally individualised to their needs, giving each of them the freedom to learn at their own pace. This is the approach to learning known as the Kumon Method.
‘By far the most rewarding part of being a Kumon Instructor is seeing children gain self-confidence as they work through their programme,’ said Carmel. ‘I’m often told how their confidence spills over into everyday life, like enjoying bingo night at the local sporting club for the first time as numbers are no longer scary!’
While their parents are down the road perusing the shops and treating themselves to an afternoon coffee, the North Hobart Kumon kids are discovering that maths doesn’t have to be hard, and that the world is full of things with names and colours, shapes and sizes.
‘Parents of my students mostly comment on how happy it makes them to see their children do work they never knew they were capable of, such as reading alone for the first time or being able to recognise words on street signs while still in preschool,’ shared Carmel. 
‘I have always loved North Hobart as an area. I feel there is a safe and friendly vibe at any time of the day or night with many people shopping or out with friends and family. I love that my centre helps to bring people here, not just for Kumon but to support local businesses’.


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