Amcal North Hobart

Amcal North Hobart was originally established as “North Hobart 7 Day Pharmacy” in 1984. It was located at the current Legs and Breast Site. Its relocation and union with Amcal took place in 1991. We are a longstanding, locally owned and much trusted pharmacy that understands the busier you get the harder it can be to manage your health. Our listed in store Health Services are the extra services we offer to make looking after yourself simpler.

Our Services include but are not restricted to:
Flu Vaccination
Blood Pressure Monitoring Diabetes Testing
Sleep Apnoea Screening Kidney Health Screening Weight Management
Quit Smoking
Asthma Management

Come in today and have a chat with our Pharmacist to work out a health plan that is designed to meet your individual medication requirements.

Trading Hours

Open 7 Days 
8am – 10pm

Xmas Day 
9am – 12pm and 4pm – 7pm

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